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This plugin adds a shortcode [posts-to-page] to WP allowing you to place your posts into a page.
Tested with WordPress 3.0 and above.


To use this plugin you can place the [posts-to-page] shortcode using an argument in to any page.

Default Usage



Parameter Description
show_title true/false the default is true, will show or hide the title
show_date true/false the default is true, will show or hide the date posted
show_author true/false the default is true, will show or hide the author
show_content true/false the default is true, will show or hide the content
show_categories true/false the default is true, will show or hide the categories
show_tags true/false the default is true, will show or hide the tags
show_image true/false the default is true, will show or hide the thumbnail image
link_title true/false the default is true, will link the title
link_categories true/false the default is true, will link the categories
link_tags true/false the default is true, will link the tags
link_image true/false the default is true, will link the image
split_more This forces an early split in the results
type The post typs you would like to display
split_point Used in conjunction with “split_more”, this is soon to be deprecated
limit This limits the number of results
cat_id Now deprecated, please use “category”
category post category ID or slug you would like to display
orderby Order the result set
order Direction of the order
offset Offset is used to offset the resultset, great for related posts
image_size Size of the images to be displayed
suppress_filters Suppress any built in filters
display_sequence The sequence of items you wice to display per loop, “show_” variables that do not appear in the list will be appended
class_title the class name used in the title tag
class_date the class name used in the date tag
class_author the class name used in the author tag
class_content the class name used in the content tag
class_categories the class name used in the category item tags
class_categories_wrap the class name used in the outer category tag
class_tags the class name used in the tag item tag
class_tags_wrap the class name used in the outer tag tag
class_wrap the class name used in the post wrapper tag
class_image the class name used in the image wrapper tag
tag_title the actual tag used for the title
tag_date the actual tag used for the date
tag_author the actual tag used for the author
tag_content the actual tag used for the content
tag_categories the actual tag used for the category items
tag_categories_wrap the actual tag used for the outer category tag
tag_tags the actual tag used for the tag items
tag_tags_wrap the actual tag used for the outer tag tag
tag_wrap the actual tag used for the post wrapper
tag_image the actual tag used for the image wrapper
sep_categories the seperator used for the categories
sep_tags the seperator used for the tags
pre_categories the intro text for categories
pre_tags the intro text for tags


You can find the plugin on the WordPress site,


Default usage

161 thoughts on “Posts to Page”

  1. You’ve got a great plugin here. Maybe I just don’t know how to use some of it.

    How to I get say 15+ posts all categorized in one single category to display on successive pages? So far it seems to limit to about 5 posts total over two pages.

    Also, how do I use the ORDER and ORDER BY options? I’m not sure what the parameter values are. I’d like to display the posts on pages in oldest to newest sequence or by some tag or custom field value.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi!. Great Plug-in and very helpful to become wp a mighty cms :-)
    I wondering if its possible to show image first. Default setting seems to be content followed by image.

    Thanks in advance

  3. totally awesome plugin! best post on page I have ever seen.

    Is there a way to get the posts to display three across then go to the next line?

    What I’m trying to do is display books by genre, but I want to have three columns because of the number of books. The way I’m doing it now I have to use columns and would have to have genre listed by column rather than have a block of each genre.

    Let me know if I’m not making sense. Here is how it currently looks:

    And while I still want to maintain the three columns, I would rather have a 3 column by 9 rows of each genre.


  4. great and easy plugin !
    is there a way to change the label “read more” to something custom ?
    also, adding your own date format as i read here above would be superb :)

  5. Nice plugin!

    I’m having problems with the image sizes. They display as a very small plugin and I’d like them bigger. I’ve tried various settings:

    image_size=680px, image_size=100% image_size=680×80, image_size=large

    I’m sure I’m missing something simple because none of these seemed to work. What is the correct syntax for image sizes?

    1. Please try: [posts-to-page show_image="true" image_size="680x80"]

      the x is actually a lower case X, looking at your comment it looks like you have an incorrect x in your image_size variable.

      If you want to make the image clickable you need to add the variable link_image="true"

  6. Hi,
    great plugin, thanks!
    I use a custom date format (which is Y.m.d, set up in WP) but this plugin shows it in Y-m-d. What’s wrong? I searched a lot in the proper theme folder’s files, and it uses the built in WP date/time format, there isn’t any changes (to make its own Y-m-d), so it seems it’s not theme relevant. I met some themes earlier that uses its own, but I correctly edited the proper php files.

    Further, I only want to show the date, without the time. There is only a show_date parameter, so, is there any option to change it?

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Oh thank you thank you, you have no idea how awesome your plugin is!

        Your plugin should be added to the Required when building WordPress as a CMS, your plugin allows for the appearance of live content (updates).

        Do you have a random shortcode, that will not just cycle thru a category but pick random posts?

        1. example:

          show_limit=1 show_random=1

          that way out of like i have 33 in one category now but it only displays 1 randomly of the 33.

          and again thanks for the headsup on the show_seperator code, its much appreciated.

          1. is there a “show_excerpt”, a lot of my posts I would rather it display the excerpt and then leave the read more?

  7. Hi, great plugin :)

    I have managed to show what I want but have one tiny issue. I would like to not show the amount of comments. Is there currently a way to do this or will it/can it be available in future versions

  8. Hello! I love your plugin! However, I am having trouble displaying ALL posts. I am only getting the 5 most recent posts displaying (see output here:

    Can you share with me an argument I’m missing, or do you have another fix? Here is my shortcode:

    [posts-to-page show_date=false show_author=false show_content=false show_categories=false image_size=60×60]

    I am using the Twenty Eleven (v1.5) WordPress theme, with Infinite Scroll turned on. Also, there is no content in my Footer widgets.

    Please help, if you can. It is greatly appreciated!

  9. using vs1.7

    [posts-to-page cat_id=additions show_date=”false” show_author=”false” show_categories=”false” link_title=”false” link_categories=”false” split_more=”false” show_tags=”false”]

    updated to latest version of wordpress

    now link to post shows up at bottom of page and the number 0 comments

    how do I hide these?

    other than that GREAT PLUGIN

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding, this should work for you:

      [posts-to-page category=additions show_date="false" show_author="false" show_categories="false" link_title="false" link_categories="false" split_more="false" show_tags="false" show_comment_count="false"]

  10. Hi!
    I would want to show all post by an author in a page titled with your name….
    I’ve put this code but i find all post in all pages :(

    [posts-to-page show_content=true show_image=false class_author=marshmallow show_date=true show_author=true show_categories=false split_more]

    What’s i’m wrong?

  11. I have added the shortcode to a page and it is displaying the relevant post however it is disregarding the post formatting. The post it a list of soccer results. I want each set up results to appear on a new line which it does when I view the actual posts but when I view what it puts on the page where I used the shortcode it runs all the text on without the paragraph breaks? Can you help?

  12. Is there a way to limit how much of each post is displayed on the page? I would like it to show a summary(150 words) of each post then have the read more at the bottom.

  13. Hi,

    I like to have a kind of ‘Read More’ text at the end of each post as I using the more button in the editor. My code is:

    [posts-to-page category=19 show_content=true show_image=true show_date=false show_author=false show_categories=false split_more]

    What do I have do add or to remove?

  14. Hello!

    I have used the following code in my wordpress website:

    [posts-to-page cat_ID=3 limit=1 excerpt=yes excerpt_size=25 show_author=false]

    And this is showing me a single post from the correct category however it’s showing everything and not just an excerpt, can I check with you if I’m using the right code? This also shows the featured image for the post after the post itself and I can’t find the necessary shortcode to turn that off, again any help you can give would be much appreciated!



      1. I’m not using the more button… I just want to display the post as an excerpt, is there not an option to do this in the shortcode? Or do I have to use the more button (and if so, how do I do that?)

        Many Thanks!



  15. Can I pull the values from custom fields within posts and display them with the rest of the post content? For example, instead of the post author, I would like to use the name they entered into the custom field when they created the post. If possible, how would I go about doing that, exactly? Thanks.

  16. Can I use this for custom taxonomy categories (from “wp_term_taxonomy” table, which is where I assume your app is referencing to pull the categories)? Example: [posts-to-page custom-category-name=4] Any idea what I could need to add to register it and where?

    Thanks for the support!

  17. hi,

    thanks for this plugin,

    i need to pull only the latest post by category,
    all posts are video, pulled from source as post content by another plugin,

    i used [posts-to-page cat=”16″ link_title=”false” limit=”1″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” show_content=”true” show_image=”true”]

    i couldn’t get video player to show up, everything else is ok,
    is there a way to do it please ?

  18. Great plugin! I have a static front page and have it showing only the titles of the last 15 posts and a link to the post. Is there a way to exclude certain categories from being displayed? I have use RSS to post some articles and I don’t want that displaying on my front page.

  19. Hi,

    I want to know how to make this plugin show amount of comments posted; I have my short-code set to only display linked-titles and it looks great — I want only the amount of comments a post has to show beneath the linked-title.


    – Xev

  20. I’m very new to this and need some assistance. I’d like to be able to publish posts of specific categories to their respective pages. Is there a step by step instruction available or written in the past? Where does the argument go? What do I type after [posts-to-page] if my page is called “Lens Work” for example? Thank you a ton for this plug-in and the help!

    1. I knew I forgot to add something, this will be added in the next release. GitHub.

      You can add some CSS to the the class and activate the wrapper to achieve this effect temporarily:

          border-bottom: 1px #cccccc solid;
      [posts-to-page tag_wrap="div"]
  21. why am i getting this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_the_post_thumbnail() in /home/noblekni/public_html/wp-content/plugins/posts-to-page/posts-to-page.php on line 269

    i am using the following shortcode
    [posts-to-page cat_id=3]

  22. Hello,
    BIG PROBLEM : from last update, impossible to update any post or page. Error message :
    Network Error (tcp_error)

    A communication error occurred: “”
    The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

    If I disable PTP plugin, everything works fine.
    Any idea ?

  23. My page only displays 5 posts. Now, I can see that I should use limit to increase this number. However, ideally, I’d like to have 10 posts, and then have a “previous” and “next” posts pagination. Is this supported?

    1. The more link is not added by default as this is theme specific and can change between themes, the title should link in this case. In future versions this my be added.

  24. Hello, I have posts with atribut ?lang=cs (Im using WMPL plugin)

    In page I have [posts-to-page link_title=false show_date=false show_author=false]

    But its not working. When I have just one lang. version, works fine.
    Thank you for helping.

  25. Very new with this and trying to figure out the plugin. I have done what I needed but for some reason the post extends out past the page margins and you have to scroll to read the posts. I’m sure its a simple mistake I’ve made.
    I’m using the shortcode like this
    [posts-to-page cat_ID=11 link_title=true]

    Issue to show is here:

    1. I made a small workaround to prevent the stretching from happening through the page but now I have double line spacing in my posts. What I did was Shift+Enter the content at certain point to cause it from extending through but it didnt give me just a line break it still doubled the space. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  26. I found your plugin on wordpress to use so I could do individuals posts on a different page from the homepage. I did put in the [posts-to-page cat_ID=14 and it put the post on the homepage and the page I wanted it on, but on the page I wanted it on did not display the date. I really want to be able to post on just that page not the homepage also. Is there a way to do that?

  27. Is there a way to have my “read more” function? Some of the content is way too long and I have added the Read More Tag into the content but it’s not working.


  28. I really like this plugin!
    But it totally ignores my stylesheet, so it doesn’t look good anymore. Besides the title and the content I want the info and postmetadata of the template. (Info about the date the posts were added, author, comments etc.
    How could I get that?

  29. Thank you so much for providing this! I’ve struggled with putting posts on my pages for a long time; this has greatly simplified my life.

    If I could make a request, would it be possible to include an option in the shortcode to show/hide the time as well as the date? If you’re planning to release any new versions, of course. :)

    Thank you again!

  30. [posts-to-page cat_ID=7 show_date=true] is not displaying the date of my posts within the page. I’m using the latest version of your plugin and the basic Twenty Eleven theme. My category is iD 7. So, what am I doing wrong?

    1. @Denis.
      I think you can change a little piece of code and the date will display. It seems to be working for me.

      $html .= ” . comment_date(get_option(‘date_format’), $post->ID) . ”;

      $html .= ” . mysql2date(get_option(‘date_format’), $post->post_date). ”;

      There might be a more elegant way to do this but this is absolutely my very first mod.

      Lovely plug-in. Thank you.

      Don Booth

  31. Hi,

    I came across another issue; I use Woo Themes, and when I want to add the short code for a button in a post, it wont display, though it does display in the singe post:

    This is the short code: [button link=”” style=”download” color=”red”]

    Many thanx

  32. this plugin is exactly what I was looking for, simple to use & effective…

    However does it only display text from the post?

    I have posts with images attached to the post and then using Portfolio Slideshow plugin to display the images as a slideshow. When I view the post by itself, the slideshow is there but when I place the post on a page using ‘Posts to Page’ it displays the code for the slideshow not the slideshow itself…. is there anyway around this?

  33. Great plugin. Very neat and efficient. :)
    Only have one problem with it though, the posts don’t look like they supposed to.
    Images are centered and text starts at the end of the page and wraps around to a new line.

  34. I have the plugin set to pull in a category to show those posts on a specific page and it’s working great but the title of the posts being pulled in need to link to the actual post. How do I make the titles link to their posts? Thanks

  35. Hi,

    Great plugin! I could display posts in pages immediately.
    However, I just cannot get the date displayed: i tried both true and false but no way… I am using the 0.7 update of the plugin. And would it be possible to get the author too? I thought to just copy the lines for date and change date to author…but I am not a developer, thus thought better to ask :)

    Finally the comments do not appear either, is there any easy way to get them?

    I am using twenty eleven, and the website in under construction not accessible.

    Thank you so much for your help an to have done this plugin!

  36. Using the –more– tag
    OK, the split point argument is really nice. But having to stick a specific tag into each post is not the nicest set up. This is even more true if you’re using WordPress as a CMS and have multiple (non-technical) people making posts.
    Making use of the –more– tag would be the ideal scenario, but trying to put the –more— tag into the short cut gets eaten by WordPress’s editor. (see my earlier post attempts here :)
    So, how about we make a single special care for the split point, so that split_point=”more” in the short code gets set to the –more– tag?
    I’ve edited the plugin for my site to do this. I’m going to attempt to paste the code in here. If it doesn’t work, I’m sure you can figure out what I’ve done.

    {if($args[“split_point]”]==”more”){$split_point = ‘<!–more–>';}
    { $splitPoint = $args[“split_point”]; }}

  37. I’m trying to use the split_point to split at the –more– tag. The plugin works just as expected if I use “splitpoint” and insert that into a post, but when I try to use the already existing –more– it is not working.
    My short code (from the html editor not the WYSIWYG editor) is:
    [posts-to-page cat_ID=7 limit=1 split_point=””¬†show_title=true].
    I even hacked the plugin to add $splitPoint to the html output and it returned just like is in the post. But the plugin did not cut off the post there and instead put the entire thing on my page.

  38. Trying this out now – looks very promising, simple but effective. Couple of problems for me though – post titles are not clickable so visitors can view the full post and there is no “read more…” link option (I’d prefer that personally – can that be added?
    Well done!

  39. Thank you for this plugin! I have it working on my page with titles. However, I can’t seem to separate my posts. It shows them all as one continuous post. I am using [posts-to-page cat_ID=6 show_title=true] -is there a way I can adjust so that it shows each post individually with it’s own’s title link? If you go to for example, and click on their startups page, you would have all the posts in that category appear separately. That is what I am trying to achieve. :P

      1. You say the latest version has been updated to have each title automatically link to its corresponding post. I installed 0.7 (the latest version), and this is not the case for me. How can I go about linking up each of the titles to their posts?

  40. I’m pulling in a blog posts from an assigned category to the specific page I’ve defined, however It’s still showing the full article, even after using the split_point parameter. [posts-to-page cat_ID=71 show_title=true split_point=”“] I’m using wp 3.2.1

    1. please ensure you are editing in HTML view and not visual, visual mode will remove the comments from the tag, you must also use the code in the text for the post

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