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Keep your PHP and WordPress separate, using the shortcode [php-to-page] you can include PHP files in your pages.
Tested with WordPress 3.1.3 and above.


To use this plugin you can place the [php-to-page] shortcode using an argument in to any page.

Default Usage

[php-to-page file=/path/to/include/file.php]


  • ‘file’ – this is the file you wish to include in your page.


You can find the plugin on the wordpress site,

11 thoughts on “PHP to page”

  1. I just downloaded your plugin and can’t get it to show my test.php page…
    I am in doubt of how far back I have to go with the path
    [php-to-page file=/path/to/include/file.php]

    I am working on a local version of the site and have uploaded the new test.php in a folder within the child theme…
    Do you have any advice on how to write the correct path… I have tried several combinations with no luck!

      1. Hi,

        I updated to 0.3, but the problem still exists. If you want, please have a look on …

        It only displays a small html snippet that should output 1 line …

        (Call to see the output of the native site)

        Any idea?

          1. I will give up … Any kind of tags is converted into an additional empty line. Only if I write just the word “Hello” into the HTML in works :-(

            Thanks for your efforts. Great web page!

  2. Hi,

    I really like the plugin, but since I updated to version 0.2, each tag results in an empty line, e.g


    <?php echo 'Hallo Welt'; ?>

    results into 5 empty lines before the text is displayed and 2 empty line afterwards.

    Any idea? Is there something wrong (as I am new to php…)

    Thanks a lot

  3. Hi there!

    This is a great plugin, without a doubt!
    But I got a problem when i embed some PHP script on my pages…

    No matter how i try to format it, the PHP script gets executed first, which result in, that i can’t write some text and then have some PHP script at the end of the page.
    It will always jump to the top, when i publish the page.

    I tried it with different themes, but it didn’t help.

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